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Terms and Conditions

I have understood the following terms and conditions to become Independent Business Associate (I.B.A) of the DIVYA JYOTI GROUP AND MULTI MARKETING.and to participate in its network marketing plan.which I accept and agree to abide in terms and spirit.

1.During this agreement Independent Business Associate will hold in confidence business information which business associate acquired during the tenure of this agreement.

2.The Business Associate is an Independent Business Associate (I.B.A) for all purpose including income tax.     

3.All the I.B.A. application forms shall be sent to Surat with remittance/DD payable at Surat only to Divya Jyoti Group and Multi Marketing.the company shall not be responsible for remittance made at any other places and in any other mode.  

4.Amount paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.   

5.That the company is competent and free at its discretion to amend the network marketing plan,rules & regulation, policies & procedures,terms and conditions from time to time and i shall abide by such changes.   

6.The compnay shall have the right to make any amendment,if necessary at any time without any prior information.   

7.T.D.S.will be deducted from payout (incentive,Award & Reward) to I.B.A.as per application provision of income Tax Act' 1961.   

8.Handling charges if any will be deducted from the payout of thr I.B.A.   

9.Any tax,duty,levy application to the I.B.A. shall be borne by the I.B.A. exclusively.   

10.Upon death of an I.B.A.the right and responsibilities of thr I.B.A.are passed on the rightful nomunee as per the law.The nominee shall be bound by the terms and condition of the original I.B.A. agreement and abide by such rules and regulation.

11.Settlement of the insurance claim and all disputes arising out of such claim shall be the responsibility of the insurance company.   

12.In case of loss/damage of identitiy card,the duplicate shall be issued on paymentof Rs.100/-only.   

13.Products are to be received through thr Franchise office of the company subject to the availability of the stock.   

14.Octroi and delivery charges will be defrayed by the I.B.A. outside Surat.   

15.The company may terminate the I.B.A. if found representing any othr Network Marketing Company or any similar nature of business or violates any terms and condition of I.B.A. application from.   

16.The company may recover all the payment made to I.B.A. With effect from the date company found representing any other Networking Marketing or any other similar            nature of business.   

17.No printed material by I.B.A.is allowed to be circulated without the written approval of DIVYA JYOTI GROUP AND MULTI MARKETING.Otherwise I.B.A.shall be terminated and legal action shall be taken against him/her.   

18.This agreement is binding upon and is meant for the  benefit of the parties,their heirs and successors in interest,if any provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable invaild,the validity of the remaining provision shall not be affacted.   

19.The company has reserves the right fir accept or reject the I.B.A. application from without assigning any reason thereof.   

20.In case of transfer of business right and interest,the I.B.A. shall prepare the sale deed on court stamp paper of Rs.10/-and submit the demand draft of Rs.500/-to the company. Thereafter transferor has no rught over the claims if any with effect from the data of transfer mention in sale deed.   

21.All disputs shall be subject to Surat Jurisdiction.
I agree with all the terms and conditions given by DIVYA JYOTI GROUP AND MULTI MARKETING.